Logo Design
Logo design could be considered the most important first step of a branding and marketing strategy because it certainly helps to energize a business. A logo makes a brand tangible-in an interesting way. When clients can match a visual image with a business concept, the business gains a new dimension that is more memorable. And that is backed by actual science. The colors, lines, sense of movement, etc are all important features that allow the visual logo to communicate your brand. Think of a logo as the catchy hook in a song. Even though the hook is a small part of the song, it is the part that has the most sticki-ness. A logo that sticks is an essential part of a memorable and meaningful brand. Our logo designers at AGUA are masters of sticki-ness.
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Website Design
Web design trends are quickly moving and changing and it can be easy to get caught up in the latest design fad, only to find that your website is outdated a few months later. The AGUA web brand masters specialize in handcrafted "little black dress" websites that have a classic look and feel and take much longer to go out of style than fad based websites. Designing a website that is aesthetically alluring, but still prioritizes the user experience is a delicate balance and one that we master time and again. Fast load times, simple navigation, and functionality are key components of each one of our handcrafted designs because we understand how important it is to retain a consumer's attention in the digital world. AGUA strives to create websites for small businesses that are bookmarked by customers and frequently visited.
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Search Engine Optimization
This term is thrown around loosely and having a solid understanding of what it actually means is a science. Translating that science into effective website design is an art. A solid website is a prerequisite to a successful SEO strategy. Search engines favor solid coding, rich, meaningful content, authoritative back links, and helpful user experiences. A delicate matrix of factors determines the discover-ability of your website and without a team of cutting edge experts, your website could amount to nothing more than just a pretty face. During the design and development phase, our SEO experts work hard to make sure that you dominate your search results. AGUA web weaves the latest ethical tools for optimization seamlessly into your handcrafted web site to ensure that your site is seen by the right people. Much in the same way that you found us, we will help your customers find you.
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Social Media Marketing
The best way to create your Calgary business brand is to start a conversation and engage the community. Social media can serve as an endless stream of useless information, but, for a savvy social media marketing team, your relevant social media post can emerge from the masses and attract your target market in seconds. The web design Calgary team at AGUA web understands where your audience hangs out and delivers the information they want, in a way that compels them to respond and react. Building a dedicated tribe on social media is part of the secret sauce of effective branding and website crafting. Well planned social media marketing campaigns and advertising strategies cut through the noise and draw targeted attention to your brand. Allow AGUA web to filter through the social media noise and communicate your brand loud and clear to a well researched target market.
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Google Adwords
Building and maintaining online momentum involves an investment. One of the most effective lead generating tools is a Pay Per Click campaign. Pay Per Click is a short term strategy that produces quick turnaround times and works in conjunction with a solid SEO plan. Developing a useful Pay Per Click campaign is not for the faint of heart and involves careful consideration of the target audience, value of a click, return on investment, and also some artsy stuff like creating an effective visual and catchy content. Just as we handcraft small business websites, we also handcraft Pay Per Click marketing campaigns. Don't be tempted to fill in the blanks of campaign and expect results. Developing high quality, paid campaigns and continuously analyzing and managing the results across Google, Facebook, and other search networks is an AGUA web service that is invaluable.
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