Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Google AdWords is among the most effective advertising programs for promoting your brand or products. You can target potential customers who are interested in purchasing or reach out to prospects who are searching for what you have to offer. The advantage with AdWords is that that you can start even with a small budget. AdWords is one advertising program you cannot afford to ignore, but as with any other tool, many a...

May 04 , 2017

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

The best way to move up in rankings on Google and other search engines is to acquire high-quality backlinks to your website from external web pages and sites. But this is a lot easier said than done because link acquisition is one of the most complex parts of digital approaches. You must tailor a well-planned digital media strategy to ensure that you acquire high-quality backlinks to your website. Here's how you can ...

October 12 , 2016

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

With a growing popularity of the ecommerce shops, a robust improvement is noticed among the platforms for design and growth of the online shopping centers. It is known to all that, an open source site is accepted by several online business holders, as the site or platform conveys a range of advantages of the shopping portal. Presently, many of the owners of online shop want to possess ecommerce sites on these open so...

April 17 , 2015

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Imagine browsing the web and coming across content that is relevant to your business and interests you. Google’s portfolio of Top Level Domains have had remained the center of attraction during the earlier part of the year. The discussions revolved around how Google plans to invest in TLDs and provide something better to the web. As part of the move, Google has launched the first TLD in the US. It has been termed a...

March 09 , 2015

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Bing and Yahoo have removed a number of their search results in order to comply with the rules of “European Right to be forgotten”. In May the European Union Court of Justice passed a ruling that anyone has the right to get irrelevant and inadequate data removed from the search results. Google was quick to respond and it immediately received requests to remove around 174,000 entries. In July Bing also published i...

December 17 , 2014

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Bing Ads has recently launched Universal Event Tracking or UET. It is a method for defining and tracking objectives for performance and conversions. This new update is expected to set the stage for the new audience-based remarketing systems.The UET will replace the Campaign Analytics conversion tracking feature, which will however continue to be available. But fresh tags will need to be developed using the new to...

December 15 , 2014

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

In the latest survey conducted by AdGooroo, focused on Q2 advertising spend results, it was found that advertisers spent almost three times more on iPhone ads than on Samsung Galaxy ads. Overall, 45% of ad revenue was spent on keywords related to iPhone.AdGooroo analyzed more than 330 mobile phone related keywords and found that advertisers spent more than $26 million on Google PLAs in the quarter. The ad spend o...

October 31 , 2014

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Bing has recently released a widget that allows those who own a website to display images easily in it. This is called the Image Search Widget. It is not the only good news that came with this. Along with the release of the widget is the access code provided by Bing to get the images shown on search results. With access to this code, those interested can already have their slideshows or images displayed easier. Also,...

September 25 , 2014

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Good news! Google has just announced and squashed dynamic Sitelinks to all interested advertisers all over the globe for free. Automatically, dynamic Sitelinks are generated and display under your ad text. These links will cost nothing once they are clicked and provide the advertisers with more SERP space, allowing users from going directly into particular pages on your website from the advertisement.Indeed, Goog...

August 20 , 2014

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Reputation is everything for a small business owner in Calgary. AGUA is a Website Design company based in Calgary. Our commitment to helping small businesses grow has allowed us to provide quality website & marketing services to our clients. Our services also help our clients build their reputation. We are able to work within any budget to provide quality & custom online services....

July 22 , 2014

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