Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Whether you are promoting your brand directly on social networks or running an SEO campaign, you cannot ignore the importance of social media to different types of online marketing strategies. Social signals are more important than ever. So how can you be more productive with your social media campaigns?Here are 5 tips to help you in this regard.1. Seek Out High-ROI Social Platforms While it is good...

June 16 , 2017

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Facebook, almost on the verge of having 2 billion monthly users, is an advertising platform that cannot be ignored at any cost. Given the accuracy of insights it offers, it is more effective to run Facebook paid campaigns and generate more ROI. If you want to make the most of this platform, it is recommended to follow these 5 tips. These tips will help you in running successful Facebook paid campaigns.1. Start...

April 27 , 2017

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Almost everyone who uses a phone, desktop or tablet today is connected to one or more social media networks. Whether it’s Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube, social media sites are affecting our lives, especially daily work in one way or the other. So let us explore how social media tools are impacting our daily work.1. Impact on BusinessSocial media has made it easier than...

February 06 , 2017

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Twitter has over 313 million active users. It may not be as big as Facebook, it can still driven a higher engagement level than the largest social network. There are so many ways you can use this micro-blogging site for your business. You can use it for anything ranging from promoting your business to conducting surveys to running active customer support service. There is so much that you can do with this site....

January 27 , 2017

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook and Twitter are on the top of everyone’s mind. Most people don’t know that Instagram offers one of the highest levels of brand interaction among all major social media sites. The difference is almost 10 times the level of engagement as in other social networks. This is where you should focus more of your social media marketing efforts to generate leads. Follow th...

January 25 , 2017

Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Social media has opened communication channels for businesses and consumers in ways that was not possible before. Whether positive or negative, the consumer can provide instant feedback to brands. You can also take immediate action to respond to the feedback. Your customer service team can trigger remedial action for negative feedback that could otherwise go a long way in affecting your brand image.Most small bus...

December 21 , 2016

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

There's no doubt left –– digital media is the new scion of the marketing world and it's here to stay for the long haul. Failure to hop on the digital media train will result in small businesses being left behind, while enthusiastic adopters bulldoze ahead. But when you run a small business, you probably don't understand the complexities involved with digital media. Sure, you know the ins and outs of Facebook and ...

October 03 , 2016

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

LinkedIn has become a major site for socio-business networking today with more than 360 million members globally.  In fact it is the networking site where increasing the sales funnel of your business is concerned. Initially pigeon-holed as a site extensively used by consultants and job-seekers for recruitments and getting lucrative jobs, now it is also being used to develop sales channels and boost sales.Today p...

September 13 , 2016

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Your business’ social media success depends on building an effective social media strategy. It is usually a difficult task to build an effective social media strategy. You have to take care of different factors which include your brand’s identity, what your target audience wants, and the peculiarities of each social media site.Here are 5 things you should do for your ...

July 20 , 2016

Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

There are so many reasons why social media marketing is today considered an important ‘pillar’ in online marketing. Social media provides you the fastest and one of the most effective ways for spreading word about your products. A tweet will reach hundreds in minutes, without even having to spend a dime.There are hundreds of millions of people who spend several hours daily on social media networks. Social med...

July 08 , 2016

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