What are the Pros and Cons of Google Updates on SEO?

March 17 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Google has been refining its search algorithm since the time it was first launched. These search algorithm improvements have been released in the form of updates. The main goal of these updates is to deliver higher quality content and user experience while addressing the need of its users. Every time Google has released an algorithm update, it has targeted lower quality content and improved its understanding of both search queries and content. The benefits of Google updates can never be denied, but at the same time it does have certain negatives too.Explore the most important pros and a few of the cons of Google updates for SEO.Pros of Google Algorithm UpdatesEvery Google algorithm update will have one central priority – to enable its searchers find the most relevant and valuable content with more ease. There are many other objectives to each update. One thing has always been consistent with these updates – they almost always reward those who follow ethical SEO strategies. If you stick to ethical strategies, every new update is likely to help improve your search engine rankings.Improved User ExperienceIf you create high quality content and deliver excellent user experience, Google updates will almost always reward you with better rankings. Search engine algorithms are no longer just about keyword optimization. If your website or application provides high quality user experience, it can continue ranking higher with every search algorithm update. Every time Google releases an update, you have a new guideline for what you can do to improve your search rankings. These search algorithm updates set the standards for what you need to do to provide better user experience and drive more organic traffic.Cons of Google UpdatesGoogle has been known to implement highly efficient algorithms, providing new advantages to users. Every year Google updates its algorithm at least 500 times. Most of these are minor changes, but they still have an impact on search results. But there are a few major changes every now and then and they have significant impact on search results. This is where SEOs and webmasters face the big challenge.Every time Google releases an update, the emphasis shifts from one factor to another, even though it may be a slight change. This forces online marketers to focus more on other aspects of SEO. Many SEOs are focused on strategies which are important in the present. So the next Google update, when it emphasizes on a new or different SEO strategy, the previous search results get affected. Thus, Google updates can affect even ethical SEO strategies, but by changing the focus.There is no fixed strategy to SEO to stay ahead of Google’s algorithm updates. However, always sticking to ethical SEO strategies can help you reduce the impact of updates on your search rankings. Creating high-value and usable content is one way. Creating great user experience is another. Remove any unethical strategies that may have been lingering from the past. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. And keep yourself up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes.
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