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March 05 , 2016 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

There are lakhs of apps entering the market and it is a very highly competitive market. Success in mobile app can be very difficult unless you indulge in some serious mobile app marketing. With so many apps, your app can soon get unnoticed and lose its popularity. At times it may even getunnoticed.Before you start off the marketing tricks for your mobile app, it is imperative to find answers for the following and formulate techniques to achieve progress in the same– What is the ranking of your app in the market?– Does your app provide monetary returns through user download?– What is the usage ratio for your app?Your marketing model must be such that the above questions must be encompassed and progressed towards success. Unless you know the current status of your app and its usage ratio it is difficult to coin a marketing technique. Similarly, it is not enough if your app is being viewed by people. You must know how many visitors download the same as only then you get to reap the money. The following are some of the marketing tricks often implements and proven successful for mobile app:SEO servicesPrioritising the app on the search engines is the first step to make your app popular. This involves the formulation of algorithms which is used by the Google search engines. Get the service of a SEO company who can suggest the best combination of words in your ad. The keywords play a major role in reaching the top pages of the Google search engine. Getting the keywords based on your mobile app can be done by expert SEO.FacebookThis is an often ignored platform but tends to be the most effective. Facebook has the advertising platform which can be exploited to make your mobile app popular. This also helps you to find the growth of your app and try out newer ideas. There are several tools inbuilt in the Facebook advertising pages that can be quite useful in knowing the progress of your app.TweetingAnother social media platform that can be triggered for your app popularity is the twitter. Here again you must look for the perfect and effective keywords which can help in popularising the app.Positive reviewsMake sure that you browse through the reviews. Negative reviews must be immediately attended. Changes must be made, if required, or it may ruin even your positive reviews. Positive reviews are a kind of reference for the new users. Most of the mobile app will check out the reviews before they even see the app.Reward the loyalNever hesitate to reward your loyal app users. There are so many new apps entering into the market that loyalty is gone for a toss. You must try to check on the loyal customers of your app and give them rewards to retain them. Retaining the old app users is equally important as adding newer users. Give them some discount offers or newer lives in their games and so on.Email marketingIt is essential to send in ad mailers to the larger target audience, Emails can be very effective in creating an interest in the minds of the customer. It also gives a personal touch to the marketing technique.RetargetYou must also check on the visitors who have viewed your app but did not download the same. Try to mince marketing words to attract them and create interest in your app. This is very essential to make them a potential user of the app rather than just a visitor.
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