Trending web designs and tools for the year 2016

August 02 , 2016 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Web designing has gained a lot of popularity the past decades. As more and more people begin to realise the true potential of internet marketing, competition is set to get more difficult.While year 2015 saw e-commerce really came onto its own, year 2016 is all set to take it a notch higher. Some popular trends of the past years are in for the long haul and some new trends have already started making inroads. Of all of these the web designing trends to look out for in year 2016 are:
  • Flat designs:
  • Flat is in to stay albeit in a new look and form. Its compatibility with other trends coupled with the fact that it features all the basic essentials of website designing makes it a trend to look out for even in year 2016. Some of its features which are likely to come to the forefront are:->Long shadows which enable the designer to add extra depths,-> Colour schemes are set to become more vibrant,-> Typography to have simple typefaces so as to retain the legibility and readability of the texts,-> Ghost buttons are to be increasingly used as they are able to facilitate enhanced functionality without disturbing the user.-> Minimalism will be the new trend with user interfaces looking towards a cut-down on the number of elements used in a website design.
  • Animations:
  • The use of embedded images in any website design has been known to attract web visitors. Animation takes this allure a bit higher by enlivening the images. With moving images able to convey more messages, the storytelling power of the design increases making for an entertaining, lively and interactive user interface. Animations to be in use in year 2016 can be broadly classified into-> Large scale wherein animation is to be used as a primary tool of interaction thereby increasing its impact on web visitors and-> Small scale wherein animations used are in forms wherein user input is not required like loading bars, spinners etc.
  • Responsive designs:
  • With an increase in the use of internet on the mobile, responsive website designs have become a popular trend. These responsive designs make for simple websites which are mobile optimised so that they can be accessed from any place at any time. The use of the card design along with slides covering the full screen are rapidly being used an effective tools in these designs.
  • Scrolling on a vertical arrangement:
  • Scrolling is a tool which enables the web designers to fit in a lot more content within a single paradigm. Also scrolling using a vertical arrangement enables the user to access a lot more content quickly than having to click on links and waiting for the page to open. This has become extra important today with mobile traffic slated to soon become at par with desktop traffic.
  • Typography:
  • The ability to enliven texts placed on the website makes for brand distinctiveness thereby making the website look much more attractive and bold. This not only makes the website unique but also enables it to stand out.
It is a known fact that a seemingly flawless design of a website makes it impressive enough to attract increased traffic. Thus it becomes all the more important to keep renovating and upgrading websites. This makes them in sync with the popular trends that are being followed and also combat competition on the web.
Azhar Siddiqui

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