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July 08 , 2016 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

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There are so many reasons why social media marketing is today considered an important ‘pillar’ in online marketing. Social media provides you the fastest and one of the most effective ways for spreading word about your products. A tweet will reach hundreds in minutes, without even having to spend a dime.There are hundreds of millions of people who spend several hours daily on social media networks. Social media is also a big influencer. An increasing number of businesses now find their customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites.So, how to make the most of this powerful platform available to your business?The following social media marketing tactics will help you boost your online strategy.

Offer Your Products & Unique Content

Offer your products and unique content on your business’ Facebook page. The content should encourage your prospects and customers to like and share your posts or even your profile page.One of the best ways to get this is to post unique content, specials and something interesting about your products on your Facebook page.

Connect Your Social Media Pages with your Website & Blog

Make sure that your social media profiles are connected to your website. Make sure each platform is correctly linked to your site.When done the right way, both social media sites and search engines will know the sites that ideally correspond to your social media profiles. For example, when you connect your site to your Google+ page, you should also add the publisher verification code on your site. Else it can be difficult for Google’s social site to identify that it is your website’s official page.Similarly, there are certain norms for other social sites too. Also connect your social profiles to your blogs.

Use SEO Keywords Strategically

You cannot keep your social media marketing efforts different from your SEO campaigns. Make sure that your SEO keywords are strategically used in your social media profiles.For example, LinkedIn is an excellent social site for building business relationships. The use of the right keywords in your profile will make it easier for new users to search and find your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to use the right keywords in all your social media profiles.

Include Social Media Buttons on Your Site

One important step is to connect your website with your company’s social media profiles. You should also include social media buttons on your site to make it easy and quick for your visitors to share all useful and interesting content.It is easier than ever to add social media handles to your websites and blogs. In fact, there are many easy-to-use widgets and tools that allow even non-tech-savvy individuals to add social media buttons of their blogs and sites.Note: – Make sure that the social media buttons are added above the fold. This increases exposure. It will also help in choosing larger button sizes.

Make the Most of Social Media Monitoring

Social media is without doubt the most powerful platform today for interacting and engaging with your target audience and customers. It allows people to speak about your brand and business, thus giving you a big opportunity to respond and reach them.There will be a mix of positive and negative feedbacks, and you should make sure to monitor your social media communication. When you monitor all the activities, you are able to take the right actions to ensure that a positive image is built for your business.So follow these tactics and tip to make the most of the social media revolution. Integrate your social media into your overall online marketing campaign to further enhance the overall impact.
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