Top 4 Video Marketing Tips

May 25 , 2015 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Video content offers many advantages over text and images. This is the reason why video marketing is so successful as an online promotional strategy. There are however certain rules to video marketing that should be adhered – otherwise you could adversely affect your online marketing strategy. Here are some effective video marketing tips that can help you get the most out of your campaign.1. Create Short and Relevant VideosThat is the essence of video marketing. If they are not short, don’t expect your audience to view them for long. Deliver your message in short videos. At the same time keep in mind that most of your audience is likely to view your videos on their phones. So they must also be light to be easily downloaded.2. Engage with PeopleYour videos should be created to appeal to people and not businesses. Make sure that there is a personal and human touch to all your videos. The more “corporate” the presentation becomes, the more people will feel detached.3. Create Professional yet Entertaining VideosYou should create the perfect balance between being informative and entertaining. It is easy to think that a video for promoting a business must have a corporate touch to it. If you can add a degree of fun to your message, it will be more memorable. In other words, you should enjoy what you are doing so that your target audience also enjoys it.4. SEO Video Marketing TipsBesides keeping up with the human elements of communicating, it is also important to implement certain SEO strategies to succeed with your video marketing efforts. You can take the following steps:– Include your keyword phrase in the name of your video file– The title should draw the attention of the target audience and must have the keyword– Make sure that every video has a description including the keywords– Include your website’s URL in the description referring users to visit your site– Add keyword tagsUsing these strategies can help you improve the effectiveness and visibility of your videos.
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