Techniques That Increase The Google Adwords Conversion Rate

May 29 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Most advertisers today prefer to use Google Adwords in a bid to ensure the visibility and effectiveness of their websites. And the only way this can be done today is:
  • Bringing about an increase in the conversion rate and
  • At the same time effecting a reduction in the per conversion cost.
Both of these objectives can only be achieved by ensuring that there is a good and steady inflow of web traffic. And a steady traffic can only be achieved if the Adwords campaign is effective enough. These sequences of events thus follow a circular path wherein one automatically follows the other and at the same time, success of one step depends on the success of the others. Hence a Google Adwords campaign can only be said to be successful if all its elements perform both individually and collectively.There are several ways and means to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a Google Adwords campaign like:
  • Reverse engineering: Simply put, this is a process wherein an existing process, campaign or device is taken apart and the workings of each of its components analysed to check for its effectiveness. There is a certain amount of transiency in the needs and requirements of the customers. Hence a campaign which might seem successful at first might not be so after a length of time. This is where reverse engineering becomes an effective tools with which to:
    • Gauge the success rate of the keywords used,
    • Tweak the Adwords campaign and
    • Build it around proven effective keywords in a bid to achieve a higher rate of conversion.
  • Remarketing: This is one of the best but least explored tools that bring about an incredible increase in the conversion rate optimisation of a website. It effectively refers to retargeting those web visitors who have at some point in time visited a particular website. This helps to:
    • Save time and money since the database is already present with the PPC advertisers,
    • Persuade indecisive web visitors to take a look back at the site and
    • Bring about a healthy increase in the conversion rate.
  • Landing webpage design: It is a well known fact that the more intelligent and attractive the landing page of a website is, the more it attracts and interests visitors. Today split testing of a landing page is only used by about 44% of business owners. This is because most people are unaware that:
    • The advertisements only control the click through rate of a web page and
    • The design of the landing page has a direct impact on the conversion rate.
In fact for a high converting web page, it is possible to maximise web traffic and clicks so as to see a continuous increase in the effectiveness of the Google Adwords campaign.
  • Syncing Ad Copy and landing page: It is a well-known fact that generation of more number of clicks is only possible when the Google Ad Copy and the landing page of a website are aligned and in-sync with each other. This has a meaningful impact as well as brings about an increase in the quality score of a website.
  • Click through rate practices: Implementation of better click through rate practices ensure more people visit a website which consequently results in an increase in their conversion. Some of the established best practices are:
    • Use of capitalisation in the Ad Copy,
    • Consideration of the marketing search funnel,
    • Strategic ad placement and
    • Efficiently performing keyword matches.
Each of the above mentioned tactics are not mutually exclusive. In fact the successes of the factors individually ensure the actual success of the Google Adwords Campaign undertaken.
Adam Ostopowich

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Adam is a small business consultant who is focused on helping businesses grow sales online through increased website traffic and website conversions. He is always interested in finding new ways to help businesses succeed online.

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