Some of the critical mistakes that can ruin the website design

March 11 , 2016 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Designing a website is a great challenge faced by many business firms. The over reliance of the customers on website for information and products, has led to more pressure on the firms. They are now forced to create website that can accommodate all their products and associated information. Creating and designing it to allure the customer is in itself a daunting task. But the real challenge lies in making it usable too.Many of the website of business firms fails to attract the audience due to reasons plenty. Despite attempted SEO services and so many other choices, they ultimately lack in something. The following are some of the critical mistakes that few of the companies commit during their website design :
  • Search Box missing
  • Visitor to your website may be looking for some specific information. They may not have the time and patience to browse through all your web pages. If there is no search box then it may create a bad image about your company. A search box is a must to enhance your website’s usability. It can help the user to quickly access the information and gives a good impression about the company as well.
  • Missing contacts
  • You must always include the contact details. This is essential as many of the visitors who can turn a potential customer would like to get their enquiries put forth in person. In such cases include a contact sheet wherein you input the address, phone number and email too. When there is no contact information it may also create a feeling that the company is bogus or fraudulent.
  • Error page display
  • One of the major bane for the visitor on websites is the error pages. It completely puts off their mood. Ensure that all your web pages have valid hyperlinks. In case of missing links it may display 404 errors which must be completely avoided.
  • Stale information
  • The customer of your brand is looking for updated and latest information on your site. Many firms create a website but fail to update them frequently. All your recent development like the new product launch or offers or discounts and anything that will interest the customer must be updated in the website. Old and useless information does not serve the purpose of the website.
  • Readability is poo
  • By creating awesome graphics and creative elements, it is possible to attract the visitor. But to retain them and make them your customers, you need to provide content that is readable and legible too. Too many fonts and colours will rip off the actual essence of the content. Perfect usage of words and brief statements will make the website look classy and readable. A professional web designer will be able to better suggest the perfect blend of colours and fonts that again depends on the nature of business and its products.
  • Layout is not organised
  • The content of the website is the one that can decide the look and feel of it. The users must seamlessly glide through the information on your webpages without many hassles. Searching for information must be such that they can browse and pass through the several pages. Appropriate usage of titles, pictures, thematic representations and so many other creative ways are used to make the layout organised.
  • Information sheet
At the end of the website there is always a registration form or a query form. This should be simple. Do not ask too many data from the users and ask only those that are relevant for your business firm and can be used by you for fostering brand awareness.
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