Marketing And Branding: Two Similarly Dissimilar

April 04 , 2016 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Marketing and branding are the two major catchphrases used in the industry today. Even though they are used interchangeably by many, they do not mean the same thing. Yes, the end result is the same. Both are a means of achieving sales but the methods and ideology of marketing and branding are quite different. In order to understand their difference, one needs to understand their meaning first.Marketing DefinedThis is a sort of blanket statement which can be used to cover– Customer interaction in all its forms,– Target niche customers with the help of customer specific advertising,– Understand the needs and wants of the consumer and– Use this understanding for the betterment of the product or service.Definition of brandingBranding is a process used to define and represent the reputation of a company in a single word. This one word defines the most important characteristic of a company and gives it a personality. This helps the consumer to relate to it at one glance or a single resonance of the same. Branding helps to attach an attribute to a company and transforms it from being a faceless entity thereby increasing its appeal to its core audience demographics.Meeting point, if anyThe fact that they are, more often than not, used interchangeably suggests a common meeting point for both marketing and branding. In fact they are both different facets of the same overall developmental strategy adopted by a company. Hence there is a certain amount of inter dependency between the two. Marketing helps the company to build a rapport with its consumers thereby introducing them to the theme of the company branding. On the other hand a company develops its branding from information gained by the marketing of its products. But even though these two concepts go hand-in-hand, they do not refer to the same thing and hence cannot and should not be used interchangeably.Differences between marketing and brandingTo put it simply in one line, it can be said that while marketing is a tactical concept, branding is a strategic concept. While the two words strategic and tactical are well-known synonyms of each other, there is a fine difference between the two. It is this fine difference which also separates branding and marketing.In other words marketing is the place where the brand is positioned and presented; hence it also contributes to the overall branding. But long after the cessation of the implemented marketing strategy, the brand loyalty lingers on. That is why it is said that brand recall is very high.What makes marketing a tactical concept is the fact that its only intent is deliverance of information pertaining to a product or service. Instead of trying to shape a consumer’s feelings towards a product or service, it is only concerned with educating him about its benefits. Branding, however, seeks to strategically leverage on the customer’s loyalty pertaining to the positive trait of the company it represents. Hence it takes a long-term view and seeks to associate the consumer with an idea, a concept which is inherent to its parent company.Basically put the differences between marketing and branding can be summarized into three distinctive points. They are:– Marketing is the message the company sends out to its customers. Branding is the reason the company is what it is in the minds of its customers for a brand permeates the essence of what a company stands for.– For any company, branding comes first with marketing following in its wake. The company is recognized by its branding but its products are used because of its marketing strategies.– The ownership of the concepts of marketing rest on its marketing team but the ownership of the ownership of brand creation rests with its consumers. Hence marketing is easier to control but branding is a very fragile concept which has to be handled with great care.For the best results it is very important for all professionals to understand this difference thoroughly and use it to maximize their profits. Hence marketing campaigns and brand positioning strategies have to work together to ensure profitable longevity of the company.
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