Market Your Local Content With Tactical Techniques To Get Positive Results

April 18 , 2016 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

The need to connect with the audience holds true even for local businesses. In fact this connection is even more important for them because they have a small customer base and lots of competition. This is where the magic of content marketing comes into play.Statistics show that about 59% of customers utilise Google to search for local businesses on a monthly basis. And a mind-boggling 60% of businesses use content marketing to generate local interest in their business which ultimately results in sales and profits. This proves beyond a doubt that today more and more customers and business professionals are cashing in on the benefits of content marketing.

Advantages of content marketing to local business

Content marketing has certain unique advantages where local businesses are concerned. This is because:– Of being able to hyper-target their audience geographically,– Of having no need to depend on viral potential and appealing broadly and– Of being able to drill down directly into the concerned local markets to deliver news, information and resources pertaining to their community.Goal of local content marketingThe need for local content marketing is generally felt in four major aspects of business. These goals are neither mutually exclusive nor are they absolutely dependent on each other. But a good content marketing strategy will generally ensure that all these four major goals are addressed in the best possible way. The four major goals with regards to local business are:– Traffic attraction: The need to attract good amount of qualified traffic is paramount as it helps to generate interest in the local business. This can be done by putting up information or posts about any local event, incident etc., which will be of interest to the demographics of the concerned local area.– Link generation to the business website: This can be effectively done by becoming a resource tool for other webmasters. Hence the content marketed should include posts of very high quality which are informative yet interesting enough to compel customers to read it. This effectiveness can be efficiently achieved by incorporating->Statistics, studies and resources,->Guides and useful lists,->Inforgraphics etc.– Generation of social shares: To be able to incorporate the scope of an inherent ability to attract shares, the contents put up should be short with catchy titles pertaining mostly to top 10 lists, amazing lists, best of lists, videos, interviews etc.– Increasing brand awareness: It is very easy to build up a brand when catering to a local market. This needs to be taken advantage off and contents put up on the local website should ensure that the company brand is given ample importance and recognition.Finding unique content ideasIt is easy to get inspirational ideas from within the local business owner, for which content has to be marketed. These pieces will make for much effective impact as they will radiate a personal touch which most local readers will instantly recognise.Also there are several articles, posts, and blogs etc., uploaded daily onto the internet. Hence the internet is a veritable goldmine of information and ideas. These can also be suitably utilised to create an interesting piece related to the local market being catered to. Of course there are a number of tools available on the internet which helps to sort content on the basis of– Social shares received,–  Inbound traffic generated and– Whether they are keyword optimised.Publishing local contentThere are two options available for publishing local content on the internet. These involve:– Publishing content pieces on a local company owned website and– Publishing on other local websites which allow third party article uploading for free.In case if the article published in the local company owned website takes off, it will generate enough traffic provided the interest level is kept up. But if the opposite happens, the best option is to search for a high authority local website and get the articles published. Either way the goal is to generate visibility and the process adopted should only serve to enhance the outcome of this goal.
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