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July 27 , 2015 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

A few years back people used to speculate that mobile will soon take over and those speculations and assumptions have come true and mobile has really taken over. Mobile has become a foundation of numerous businesses. A number of studies have recently shown, that the businesses which use mobile as a part of their marketing and branding strategy are successful and are excelling. The key to success is using mobile as a powerful tool to improve the consumers’ experience. Business usually find it difficult to bring their interface to smaller screens while maintaining simplicity in the interface. Many businesses still struggle to understand how their consumers interact with various websites and application. Understanding this aspect is of utmost importance to formulate a strategy including mobiles. Here are a few points to keep in mind while formulating the strategy.Understand the users and their preferencesThe world today can be aptly termed as a data-driven one. In today’s competitive business environment, businesses are striving to understand the motivational force behind consumers’ behavior. In its latest survey, Harvard Business Review found that a huge chunk of mobile usage, almost 68 percent takes place at home. People take up activities that can be categorized under ‘me time’. These include, playing games. Browsing through shopping websites or reading blogs. To tailor a marketing strategy, businesses need to study the various ways in which users use their mobile devices. After understanding this, business can create responsive designs which will lay the path to success.Moving beyond apps and websitesBusinesses usually make the mistake of replying on apps or websites to lure their customers. However, this is not the right move and nor the formula for success. Instead of expecting people to use apps or visit websites, business need to find ways to follow the customers by borrowing a few mobile moments. Below are a few ways by which businesses can reach out to customers:– Using apps for mobile payment: Today business have upgraded themselves to accept payment with EVM payment methods. With the launch of Apply pay and other payment methods of NFC-type usage of such EVM payment methods is expected to increase, therefore, it is a necessity to upgrade to a NFC-capable version of payment system. The cost of this upgrade today is around $40 which is minimal as compared to the cost a few years ahead in time.– Being present on navigation apps: Mobile users often depend on navigation apps for finding the directions. Even when consumers are searching for a business when they are on move they use a navigation app. So, a prominent presence on such apps is mandatory for the businesses.– Presence on review websites: Encouraging loyal customers to write reviews on popular websites like Google Reviews helps in positive publicity of your business. Reviews on these websites are found to be much more effective that the reviews post on the business’s website itself.Making mobile ordering user-friendlyWhen consumers place orders, then inconvenience is the last thing they want. If the interface is complex or finding what they are looking for takes time, consumers find it easy to switch to another vendor with a simple ordering process. Therefore, businesses must make sure that the products are easily found, simply viewed and then ordered with ease. This is an ongoing challenge as the small mobile screens need expert and responsive designs.Rethink your content marketing strategyTill now focusing on Google presence was sufficient for a successful content marketing strategy. However, now it’s time to rethink and reformulate the strategy. When you are planning to reach out to consumers using mobile devices you need to understand that here the attention span is short and the overall experience is very different from the traditional ways of surfing the web. Stories are an integral part of mobile marketing and is a unique way to reach the target audience.Mobile has greatly influenced customer behavior and it continues to do so. So, finding ways to make use of this revolution will help businesses in appealing to millions and staying ahead in the competition. Content marketing strategies and the use of third-party applications will help businesses in reaching out to their prospective clients.
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