Let Your Ad Extentions Convey What You Want To Say

April 13 , 2017 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Ad extensions are powerful handles which typically help to increase the click-through rate of an advertisement. It provides additional information about the contents of the ad thereby retaining people’s attention for a longer duration and mostly getting them hooked onto the product. Some typical ad extension buttons which are commonly seen are the like call button, additional links and texts, location information etc.The use of ad extensions can be beneficial to a business in a number of ways like:• Improving click through rates: By ensuring better interaction between the ad and web visitors, marketers can ensure that they get to know more about the ads placed. The web visitors are also able to either call up or visit the service page directly from the ad that they are viewing. This is how powerful extensions are! • Increasing ad visibility: These extensions enable ads to take up more space than they would otherwise get in search engine results. Thus ads with extensions look much more informative and robust are hence able to catch the eye of web visitors faster. This increases the visibility of the ad and also helps in conversions. • Passing on relevant information: Ads placed without extensions have to be very choosy about what they say due to paucity of space. Hence only limited information can be passed on to the browsers and visitors. But with ad extensions, it becomes possible to convey all relevant information regarding the product of the ad to the web visitors. • Better visitor experience: The extra information provided in the ads with the help of the extensions enables a visitor to know at a glance what to expect. When he clicks on the ad, it is with the sure intention of becoming a customer, thus immediately resulting in a conversion just on the basis of a better user experience. • No extra charges incurred: In PPC campaigns whenever a web visitor clicks on an ad, the advertiser has to pay some money which remains the same irrespective of whether the ad comes with an extension or not. Hence ad extensions give the advertisers more value for money, so why not avail of this facility!There are many extensions that an advertiser or campaign manager can use. Of these some give better results than others. Some of the extensions which have been proven to be very good are:Site link extensions enable the advertiser to incorporate up to 4 links within the ad, Call extensions help web visitors to directly call the advertisers, Structured snippets enable the advertiser to put in additional information regarding his other products and services in the form of snippets, Callout extensions helps conversions by enabling the user to put in about 4 messages in the advertisement placed, Location extensions helps inform the visitor about the different locations that he has his stores in, Review extension asks for a third party review of the advertisers website thereby helping him improve it further, Offer extensions wherein the advertisers can put in offers and schemes that they are currently running in the ad etc.With so much that an advertiser can portray across to people who are either casually browsing or searching for something specific that even web visitors get attracted towards ads with extensions. This effectively leads to conversions, if not immediately, then sometime in the near future.
Azhar Siddiqui

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