How We Can Spot SEO Spam?

February 13 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

You just received an email in your inbox from someone claiming to be an SEO specialist and ‘guaranteeing’ dramatic search rankings. SEO companies don’t just operate with an email and nothing more for contact. There is no guarantee in this field of digital marketing. There are very few SEO experts who can actually help you drive results and they are difficult to find. SEO spam is a common term in the industry because there are thousands of people claiming to be SEO experts.Here are 5 ways to spot SEO spams so that you don’t get tricked out of your hard earned money.1. Promises Too Good to be True It can be tempting to come across so called SEO agencies that ‘guarantee’ top rankings, guaranteed increase in traffic, and all this within a specific number of days. One thing that’s for certain in this industry is that there is no guarantee as to what anyone can achieve for your website.A reputable SEO firm that values its clients will never make any guarantee of rankings. In the SEO world if anyone makes promises and guarantees, you should avoid them.2. Building Large Volume of Links The moment you come across the words “building thousands of links”, you should simply run away from that SEO agency. It is nothing less than an SEO spam.If you hire any agency that builds thousands of links to your site, you are allowing them to destroy your website’s online presence. A few years ago, link building and directory submissions was a major strategy in SEO. Google and other search engines released algorithm updates to make this strategy irrelevant at a wide range of levels.It is now more important than ever to earn links instead of creating links. Google values only naturally earned links and can even penalize you if your site has a large volume of links. The influence of links depends on quality and relevance and not longer on quantity.3. Extremely Low & Flat-Rate Fees If any SEO agency offers extremely low and flat-rate fees, you don’t want to deal with them. Quality SEO services are not cheap and consume a lot of time. In this field, you get only what you pay for. No agency can make any instant claims about results unless and until they have spent some time analyzing your website. A good SEO agency will also evaluate your competition and industry before providing an estimate.SEO can help generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of targeted visitors a month, more than any other online marketing strategy. However, SEO is not cheap and not a quick fix service. It can take several months before driving the desired results.If someone is offering low fees and flat rates, it’s nothing more than an SEO spam!If an SEO agency cannot provide references of its current and previous clients, you should avoid it. Avoid anyone that makes big promises, a specific ranking for your keywords, or provides an instant estimate. All these are signs of SEO spam.
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