How to Provide Best Customer Service to your Ecommerce Customers?

June 01 , 2015 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Offering high quality products and cheaper prices is just one part of the game in winning your customers’ trust. If you want to take your ecommerce business to the next higher level, it is essential to keep improving your customer service. Without concern which industry you are in, it is the online experience of your customers that will keep drawing them back to you.
  • Hire More than Enough Customer Service Reps
  • The problem with most ecommerce businesses is that their customer service departments aren’t adequately staffed. This is a trend with this business segment, but an opportunity for you to stand out. There should be enough people to pick up the phone, answer the live chat sessions and respond to the emails.Make sure that your business has a customer service phone number. It should be accessible to everyone – including your customers and visitors. All email enquiries should also be responded within a fixed time.
  • Solicit Feedbacks
  • Put a feedback system in place so that you will always know what your customers think about your customer service and business. You can use third-party tools to setup customer feedback surveys or create something unique based on your business niche.
  • Use Social Media
  • While your telephone, email and live chat support will handle the customer service department directly, never ignore your social profile pages. They also play an important role in improving your customers’ online experience on your ecommerce site. But how?
Social media sites are increasingly becoming the place where people post their complaints about any brand or online service. Many of your unsatisfied customers are likely to find your social profiles and post their grievances. Take those complaints seriously, acknowledge them and provide solutions. Many will also post positive comments and make sure to encourage them or even reward them.
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