How to Promote Brand New Website Online?

January 23 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

There is not much difference in the real physical world and the web when it comes to promoting your business. So when promoting your new website online, you will face similar degrees of challenges as in the real world. After the initial hard work and once your website has made its presence, it will become easier to drive more leads and generate more sales. If you want to promote your brand new website, the following steps should be part of a universal promotional strategy for every new website.

1. SEO

If there is one thing you can never ignore for your website, it’s the search engines. This is where a significant percentage of your web traffic will come. And unlike many other platforms, it is a reliable source of constant traffic. And search engine optimization (SEO) is important to ensure that your new website draws Google and other search engines’ attention and ranks high in your search results.Whether you follow any other promotional strategy or not, make sure SEO is an integral part of it. Among other benefits, it is more cost effective.

2. Social Media Promotion

Facebook has over 1.6 billion active monthly users. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others boast hundreds of millions of users between themselves. So social media marketing is another platform your new website should be focused on. Today, almost everyone spends a few minutes daily on these social networks.You can only imagine how large a percentage of your target audience is browsing through their social media newsfeeds. If your website, business profile page, or brand can make it to their newsfeeds or reach them sponsored ads, it can start a long-term relationship that can turn into a profitable business relationship.

3. Email Marketing

This is an age old, proven online marketing strategy that can help you reach targeted audience in a more effective way. Use the newsletter system and build a list of people who are interested in what you have to offer. You can then reach them with your new website. Preparations for your email marketing campaign should start a little before you start designing your new website.When done right, email marketing can prove to be the most cost-effective promotional strategy. And your new website will just be the start. You can reach your subscribed list every time you have a new product or deal to offer.

4. Blogging

You can build a blog into your new website. Start creating and publishing posts relevant to your niche. Effective blogging is more about indirectly promoting your website. It’s about promoting your expertise, providing solutions to your target audience, and building yourself as an authority in your industry. You may also use it to promote your new website directly, but what a blog eventually does is to help with your SEO efforts and drive more relevant traffic to your new website.So a blog provides a combination of benefits for your new website – from promoting it to driving traffic to establishing your brand name and a lot in between.So when you implement these key strategies to promote your new website, make sure to analyze your traffic stats and make adjustments to improve on the marketing strategies. So follow these above-mentioned marketing strategies to promote your new site online.
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