How Logo Design & Branding are Different from Each Other?

March 10 , 2017 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

Many people use the terms log and branding interchangeably without knowing that the two are widely different things. A logo is strictly restricted to the logo design, but branding goes beyond and covers much more – including the logo design itself.What is Branding?Branding is the process of letting your target audience know about your company name, its values, benefits, products/services, and principles. The process helps in selling your brand image to potential customers, and it uses your logo design as one of the elements to achieve it.Branding builds an emotional and psychological connect between your target audience/customers and your company or its products/services.What is a Logo?Logo addresses one aspect of your business – its visual representation. It features graphical elements and sometimes the company name. Your logo design can work as a readily recognizable identity for your business. It can help in increasing your brand or company’s recall value.In its simplest form, it is a graphic symbol representing your business. Your logo design can also play a crucial role in the overall branding of your business. For example, many the world’s leading brands are recognized readily by their logo.What does Branding Cover?What a brand can cover, is something that varies from one business to another. It doesn’t just include the logo and the visual representation of your brand’s identity, it also covers many other areas beyond the design aspect. This can include: • Customer experience • Customer service • Messaging • Content • Story tellingYour business’ reputation also plays an important part in the definition of your brand. The word brand may also be used in place of the word company. It can be used when people talk about your products or services.Use of BrandRecognition, followed by reputation building help in establishing your brand in your targeted marketplace. Logo design is just one element of this entire process. Similar to logo design, you put into place all the elements that make up your brand into the marketplace. It is then up to the market to determine what your brand is.Branding involves putting out information about your business and then letting the market come to a conclusion as to what they think of your brand/company. Your goal is to ensure that the information about your business that goes out into the world is positive and is in accordance with your company’s objectives and mission.Control Over Brand Image & LogoYour brand is something you can put all your efforts into to create a positive image. However, you don’t have much control over how your target audience will perceive it. On the other hand, you have all the control over how your logo design looks. The logo is just a part of your brand and you have control over it. It is just one piece of information you put out into the world to help build your company’s reputation (branding). The audience then mentally links your logo to the opinion they have about your company.Thus, logo design and branding are two different things, with the former being the subset of the latter.
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