Give The Sales Funnel A Boost: Use Linkedin

September 13 , 2016 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

LinkedIn has become a major site for socio-business networking today with more than 360 million members globally.  In fact it is the networking site where increasing the sales funnel of your business is concerned. Initially pigeon-holed as a site extensively used by consultants and job-seekers for recruitments and getting lucrative jobs, now it is also being used to develop sales channels and boost sales.Today people who are tech-savvy are increasingly migrating towards LinkedIn for generation of sales leads as well as tangible revenue. This is primarily because over a period of time LinkedIn has proved itself to be smoother, faster and infinitely more profitable means of prospecting especially for business to business.You too can avail its benefits and bring about a positive change in your business. Some ways and means to do it are:– Connect, connect and connect: Contacts form the backbone of LinkedIn. But if your contact list only includes family and friends, you will have to start from scratch. It is a known fact that connections breed connections. Hence your first level of business contacts will pave the way to generating the second level and the third level contacts and so on.– Map your prospects properly: The availability of a number of business contacts does not necessarily mean that everyone is a prospect. It is thus necessary to compartmentalise or map those people who are in a position of influence as those are the decision-makers; the ultimate authority to give your sales a mighty boost. Hence from B2B to MNCs proper mapping of prospects is a must for business to prosper and grow.– Never make cold calls: Cold calling was previously thought to be a very effective way of generating sales leads. Today, it is considered a waste of time because with LinkedIn, you know all there to know about a prospect. Hence when you make a sales pitch to these prospects, you can make them much more relevant and constructive.– Getting inside the haloed circle: It is a known fact that decision making circles are tough to get into. Inundated with cold calls and cold emails every day, these people screen the calls they take and filter the emails that they want to read. But to make a successful sales pitch, it is important to get past these gatekeepers. This is where you can utilise the services of InMail which is LinkedIn’s very own internal email system. Statistically speaking, InMail, being available only with paid accounts, is 30times more effective in getting past these gatekeepers.– Smart Search: Each and every user of LinkedIn swears by the advanced search facility that they get by default. You can find anyone with just the title, name of the company, location or any such keyword. Using this facility regularly will enable you to understand and identify key individuals easily.– Group Joining: This will enable you to participate in discussions which help to increase your visibility as well as your reputation in the group. Also joining groups with people relevant to your line of job will again help to add to your contacts thereby generating more leads. Irrespective of whether you are personally connected to all the members of the group, you can still get in touch with them. This again helps you to generate leads and increase profitability.– Create Alerts: Alerts for LinkedIn refers to those searches that you have already conducted and saved. Hence when a new member or potential customer joins the LinkedIn platform, you are immediately alerted by way of notifications. You can thus, capitalise on these alerts immediately by making a relevant connection or a sales pitch.Thus it is actually very easy to transform LinkedIn from a social media platform to an effective and efficient sales lead generator. The key is to follow the above tips and see your business soar beyond the limits you might have set for yourself.
Azhar Siddiqui

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