Effective Tips on how to reach Your Customers through video marketing

June 29 , 2016 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

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It is most likely that you are not already using video marketing to promote your business. Without concern you are using it or not, it is one of the most effective methods for creating online buzz. It can help in increasing your brand’s presence and boost your web traffic. In today’s digital age, ignoring video marketing can be almost like having a business without a website, a phone or like ignoring the internet.

Video Marketing Vs Video Advertising

Most people think that video advertising and video marketing are the same thing. But they are entirely different.Video marketing involves the use of video as content across your landing pages, websites, emails, and social media pages for the purpose of informing , engaging and educating.Video advertising involves running video commercials online based on the advanced geo/audience-targeting techniques to ensure that you reach your targeted audience.Video marketing is focused on the content, educating, informing and engaging. But video advertising has brand building and call to action as its main elements.So, how to make the most of video marketing for your business? The following tips will help you with this aspect of promoting your business.

Give Value

Make sure that all your videos offer some kind of value to your viewers. It can be a resource, a tip or simply something to laugh about.Create FAQs videos comprising of questions your customers frequently ask. So if you are a fitness trainer, you could record an answer to the question about “How to lose weight faster?”You can also create videos for “Should ask questions.” These will be questions that your customers should be asking but they aren’t. Such videos will provide your audience additional info, making it easier for them to decide whether to purchase from you or not.

Reach your Targeted Audience

Remember, not everyone is your customer. Every business has a targeted audience and your video marketing campaigns should target them with the right message at the right place and right time. Don’t target everyone – it will be a waste of your time and efforts.

Keep Your Videos Short

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Your videos should always be short. Keep in mind that people who don’t know about your business will have shorter attention span.It is highly likely that your prospects know little or nothing about your company. So the first time you target them, you should cater to their following need for information:– Who you are– What your business does– How can they benefit from your productsYou should focus on creating videos that give them this info within 60-120 seconds.

High Level of Engagement

It will be best if you can make them laugh with a message. The following elements will help you create engaging videos:– Tell a story– Provide a benefit or make a promise– Talk directly to them– Demonstrate more energy and passion– If possible, make them laugh

Respond to Objections

Videos can be highly effective tools for responding to objections about your products or customer experience. They make it more effective to connect with your customers. You are able to show them the face of your business and you can make a difference by showing that you are sincere.

Include a Call to Action

Call to action may be related more to video advertising, but you can gain from them if you also include them in your video marketing campaigns. You can ask your customers or prospects to visit your website, send you an email or call you. You may even ask them to sign-up for your emails or share your video.
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