Carrying The Facebook Ads Vs Google Adwords Debate Forward

April 07 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

A debate that has been raging on for quite some time now, still has no answer to the question,”Facebook ads or Google Adwords?” Loyalists of both the advertising platforms put forth their views but without success. But the fact remains that each advertising platform, be it Facebook ads or Google Adwords, has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of Google AdwordsConsidered to be the numero uno where online advertising is concerned, Google offers access to an audience which is unprecedented in numbers and unequalled in potential. It comprises of• the search network which encompasses the Google search engine in its entirety and • the display network which has on offer visual advertisements spanning about 98% of the whole of the World Wide Web.Thus Google Adwords is able to offer to its users:• A colossal audience resulting from its immense reach making for a veritable goldmine of prospective customers, the list of which keeps growing rapidly because of it’s growing dependence on its proprietary RankBrain algorithm, • A level filed to play in since it focuses primarily on the qualitative relevance of the advertisements and not on its budget thereby making a smart advertiser reap the maximum benefit with their relevant and to-the-point, highly optimised and good quality ads and • Variety of Ad formats which make for advertisements which* Are enticing and compelling, each capable of luring in prospective customers, * Offer immense scope for customisation with their tailor made techniques and * Enable unparalleled control over the advertisements for its advertisers.In fact it would not be wrong to say that no other search engine can offer better marketing opportunities than Google. Its increasingly accurate search engine results almost make it the best PPC platform the virtual world has ever experienced.Advantages of Facebook AdsFacebook ads might still be in its nascent stage but it has come a long way from being a rank newcomer in the world of online marketing. Tweaking, refining, improving and advancing its technology by leaps and bounds over the past several years has made it a pioneer in paid social networking. Today Facebook ads form the central part of the digital marketing schemes and strategies of many a business. Its strengths lie in• Offering a truly global reach spanning over one-fifths of the global populace which makes for a commendably enormous audience, • Enabling advertisers to target specific audience with potential granularity and create ‘lookalike audiences’ since people tend to share every conceivable incident or detail of their lives, • Being able to offer an extremely powerful visual platform thereby enabling advertisers to seamlessly blend in visual content like videos, images etc., in the use’s News Feed thus* Leveraging on the strong persuasive appeal of the visual ads and * Conveying aspirational messages thereby making their ads both classy and compelling,• Giving a surprisingly incredible ROI on highly competitive and affordably priced ads making it the best online advertising solution even for newcomers and companies with budgetary constraints.Thus both Google Adwords and Facebook ads are de facto leaders in their own spheres and smart business calls for ideas which can make the business leverage on the qualities of both these advertising platforms. Why choose one of them when the best of both the worlds is available to reap enormous benefits and profits from!
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