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April 09 , 2015 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui

April 21 is Mobilegeddon day and your last chance to mobile-optimize your site for the update. For a number of years, mobile-friendliness has been a key factor in Google searches. Sites that have been optimized for use on various mobile devices tend to rank much higher compared to non-optimized ones, even on desktop PC’s. However, to date there has been a lot of ambiguity surrounding this particular ranking factor.The Global ImpactThough everyone knows it’s important to have a mobile-friendly site, there isn’t much clarity about the factors Google takes into account when it is calculating mobile rankings. This is exactly why a large number of business owners have deferred optimizing their websites for mobile devices or even managed to survive without being significantly singed by it. But on April 21, all of that is a going to change. Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm update is set to revolutionize the manner in which mobile-friendliness is determined. There will be a gradual roll-out of this algorithm; it will affect mobile searches in all the major languages across the globe.Get StartedUse the Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool to check whether your site is mobile friendly. If it already is, you won’t have to sweat it. However, if you have been lax in implementing a mobile strategy for your website, now is the time to get cracking on it. These are the steps to follow:– Make sure that your website’s mobile version is active & functional. Though it’s best to have responsive design, you have the option to have an additional hosted mobile version of your main website. Google does not distinguish between the 2 as long as the user experience is seamless. But when you have 2 sites, it adds to the amount of time and effort you need to take to maintain both of them– Check every page on your website via a mobile device to make sure you are able to navigate it. Your home page may be mobile-friendly, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the pages are. Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see if all the initial qualifications are met. There is not much clarity about whether this particular checklist covers all the factors that will be introduced via the Mobilegeddon update, however, it’s quite reliable– Google Webmaster Tools has a Mobile Usability Report; you can run this to see your site the way Google sees it. In case you find any errors/discrepancies, you should get them fixed by April 21Take Action NowGoogle isn’t really penalizing your site if it isn’t mobile optimized, but not falling in line can impact the search visibility of your site. With this update, Google is just getting its whip cracking and want users to have a seamless experience when they access websites via their mobile devices. So, perform the checks on your website, spruce it up and focus on getting it optimized now before the Mobilegeddon launch.You can use these tools to check if your site is mobile-friendly:
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