A Guide On Building Your Local Content Marketing Strategy

July 14 , 2016 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Local businesses are just like those with larger reach beyond borders. They also want to connect with their prospects and customers. But as a local business, you will face more competition. It can take a lot of effort to overcome your competition and appear on the top while building your business’ name in the local market.Content marketing has always been one of the most effective and important online marketing strategy. Now local businesses are also beginning to take advantage of its potential. It helps you drive traffic, and generate interest and sales.But local content marketing is different from what other types of businesses would implement as their content marketing strategy. This guide will help you with developing your local strategy for content marketing.

1. Analyze & Choose the Right Keywords

Check the analytics to find the keywords which are best for your local business. The Google KeywordPlanner is an effective tool to help you with keyword evaluation and identification.

2. Make the Most of Local Events

Create a local events calendar to target and drive prospects to your site. Such a calendar will help you develop valuable and relevant content targeted on your audience. It will also help in increasing your brand’s visibility in your local search when people search for the local events.

3. Post Creative Photos & Videos

Chances are that you may not have content to post all the time. that is when you should take advantage of the world of creative photos and videos. You can start by showing your products in useful ways.If your business provides services, you could show before and after photos or demonstrate via videos how the service can be used.

4. Develop Seasonal Content

Take advantage of seasonal themes to develop valuable and interesting content. There are many things that can be seasonal – it can be a holiday or the latest trend of the season.Integrate seasonality into your message. Your product or service can find a place in a holiday party, and you can develop how-to content focused on the holiday party.Christmas is a great example when you can use seasonal SEO in your content. Your products or services will always have a role to play in the seasonality.Besides, there will also be many events in your local calendar that can be targeted with your content.

5. Keep Varying your Blog Content

Local businesses should not have blogs that always talk about what they have to offer or all about their products. You should add variety to your content type.You don’t always have to write about your own products. you can also talk something about the local area. for example, some of your posts can be on:– How to find the best place to dine in your town– Top 5 best restaurants in your town– Top 5 gyms in your townSuch locally-targeted content will also make it easier for you to rank higher in local searches.

6. Get Involved Locally

There will be lots of local events and news that can be included into your content. They don’t necessarily have to be related to your products or services. You could also comment on a news story and share your stance on the subject.You could also talk about other businesses (not in your niche). This can also give you the opportunity to get attention from those businesses too. It is also not essential that people who use another type of product wouldn’t want to use your products or services too.So follow these tips and you can build a highly effective local content marketing strategy.
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