5 Tips to Give a Boost to your Organic Search Ranking

November 06 , 2015 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

You must be using all kinds of strategies to improve your organic search rankings. Content marketing, blogging, building back links and optimizing web pages are some of the most effective SEO tactics for improving search rankings and driving organic traffic. But there are some unique ways that can help in giving a boost to your organic search rankings. Use the following 5 methods and they will help you drive more traffic.1. Create More Web PagesBuild more web pages to improve your search rankings. Make sure to load all these pages with unique content. They should also be optimized with different, targeted keywords. If you use the same keywords across different web pages, search engines will become confused. But more number of web pages will certainly help increase your chances of ranking for more number of long-tail keywords.2. Build Cornerstone Web PagesThis is also close to the above-mentioned tip. There are thousands of websites that have several pages created around the same set of key phrases. This makes it extremely difficult for search engines to determine which web page is relevant for which keyword.It is recommended to merge all the similar content onto one cornerstone web page. This will help you create a single authoritative page that focuses on a particular topic. This will make it easier for Google to determine relevance and help rank your pages higher.3. Leverage the Press to Create Links Give your brand media exposure and you will be able to create high-authority links. Yelp and UpWorthy have been highly successful with this strategy. If you can get even a few mentions in sites like the Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun or the Toronto Star, you will benefit by improved search rankings.It will help in building great backlink profiles, which will further help boost your search ranking and traffic. There are many free PR services that can help you gain media exposure.4. Social SharingSocial media plays an important role in SEO signals. Even if you share a link in the comments section on a relevant post in Facebook, you will notice that the link would have driven a decent number of visits within a day. Not to mention it can also boost the rankings of those shared web pages. So there is a lot that you can achieve with social media promotion.Use the following tips to make the most of social media:– Share your content on all the top social sites – Many businesses are focused solely on Facebook and Twitter. You should also include a few other social networks.– Create Custom Posts – Don’t post the same content on all sites. Customize the content to each site to suit its looks and type of users.– Share Multiple Times – Your followers keep growing daily. So it will help in posting your content a few times to reach more users.Make sure to remain active on your social accounts. This will help search engines index your content regularly, which will further help boost your rankings.5. Take Advantage of Q&A SitesGoogle no longer ranks Q&A sites as generously as it used to. But valuable answers with the right links to your pages can help you get relevant backlinks. This strategy can not only boost your search rankings, it can also help in driving high quality, direct traffic.So if you are looking to improve your search rankings, make sure to follow these unique strategies. Remember, all search engines are regularly upgrading their algorithms. It is important you remain updated with these changes and update your SEO strategies accordingly.
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