5 Common Mistakes in Google AdWords and How We Can Avoid Them

May 04 , 2017 | Written by: Adam Ostopowich

Google AdWords is among the most effective advertising programs for promoting your brand or products. You can target potential customers who are interested in purchasing or reach out to prospects who are searching for what you have to offer. The advantage with AdWords is that that you can start even with a small budget. AdWords is one advertising program you cannot afford to ignore, but as with any other tool, many advertisers make many mistakes with this pay per click platform too.Here are 5 common mistakes advertisers make in Google AdWords and how you can avoid them.1. Keyword Research<Keyword research is a must-have within AdWords, yet many advertisers don’t do it properly. Keep this in mind – if you aren’t targeting the best keywords for your products, there is little point in spending money on AdWords. Solution: Google AdWords has a Keyword Tool within it. Make sure to use it to research the most relevant keywords. There are other tools too. Consider what product/service you want to offer and determine the list of the most relevant keywords. Then use the keyword research tool to find out which versions are being searched by your target audience.2. Keyword Match Type Most new advertisers don’t understand what keyword match types mean within AdWords. Once you ad keywords to your ad campaign, you are required to choose from 4 unique match types. If you are new to AdWords, you are highly likely to make the wrong choiceThe 4 different match types are:
  • Broad match
  • Exact match
  • Modified broad match
  • Phrase match
Make sure to choose the right match to achieve the best level of targeting.3. Setting Home Page as Landing PageMany advertisers make this common mistake and lose their customers. They set their home page as the landing page for their ads. A website’s home page usually provides general information. When someone clicks on an ad, they come looking to address their specific need. If there is no consistency between the ad and the landing page content, you are sending away more traffic. Solution: The right strategy is to target a relevant landing page in an ad. So if you are promoting a product through an ad, make sure the landing page is designed around the features and benefits of that product. Also make sure to include a call to action within the landing page.4. Not Tracking AdWords CampaignsMany advertisers either don’t have the time or simply ignore this aspect of their AdWords campaigns. If you don’t know how your campaign is performing, there is no way you can learn about its effectiveness or make improvements.Solution: Link your AdWords account with Google Analytics. Link Google Search Console with your AdWords account and it will generate Paid & Organic Report. Keep track of all the reports and optimize your campaigns based on the campaigns’ performance.5. Don’t Ignore Your CompetitionAnother common mistake among Google AdWords users is that they simply ignore what their competition is doing. When you know what keywords they are targeting and what landing pages they have developed, you can improve your campaign by leaps and bounds. So make sure to avoid these 5 common Google AdWords mistakes. Your goal when running a campaign is to get the best ROI. Make sure to address these issues to get the best returns for your advertising dollar.
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