How New Update In Google Algorithm Can Be Helpful For SEO People?

February 08 , 2017 | Written by: Azhar Siddiqui


Every time Google releases a new algorithm update it is seen as the next big challenge to overcome in the world of SEO. However, such updates are positive developments and can be helpful for everyone including SEO professionals. An algorithm update is both a learning experience for SEO specialists and an opportunity to improve the rankings of their clients to help drive more targeted traffic.

Learning Experience

Search engine ranking is an ever-progressive system where the best organic search results have not yet been achieved. That is why Google is on a never-ending mission to release new algorithm updates. And this is in itself a learning experience fro SEO specialists. It is time for you to study the changes brought about by the update. It is highly likely that your clients’ websites can get hit. If this happens, it is a sign that there is still room for improvement, which can mean achieving better results.

Improved Rankings

One of the common aspects of all Google algorithm updates is that they are focused on removing spam and targeting unethical SEO practices. So every time Google releases and update, it means that those following these unethical practices lose ranking. If you have been following the right SEO strategies, it can help in boosting your rankings.

Thus, Google algorithm updates are good for everyone including the clients and SEO people.

Contributing to Semantic Search

Every time Google releases an update, it’s about providing relevant search results. Its main goal is to implement semantic search. So when you adapt to an algorithm update, you are contributing to this goal and making Google a better and easier place to search. So creating a more relevant and optimized page can help you rank higher in your search results pages.

Adjusting your pages to make them more relevant every time will help in delivering improved value to your visitors. Content update is one of the crucial aspects of updating your pages. As the quality and relevance of your content increases with time, this will also have an impact on your SERPs (search engine results pages).

Seeing Opportunities

Major algorithm updates usually create panics immediately after they are released. However, an experienced SEO specialist will see a greater opportunity in a Google algorithm update. As long as you are creating high quality, relevant content, generating links from high-authority and relevant sites, and following only white-hat SEO strategies, you will not have to worry. Every new update is also an opportunity to improve your pages, make them more relevant and improve your rankings and organic traffic.

Whenever a major Google algorithm update is announced, an experienced SEO will wait to see what impact it makes. It is not always possible to determine what factors were taken into account by Google, but it is always apparent that each update is meant to provide even better search experience to users. This is why every SEO professional will see an opportunity to improve and make their pages and content more useful, relevant and higher-ranking for their target audience.

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