Who We Are

The AGUA concept was brought to life in 2008 by two highly qualified and experienced web services professionals who had a different idea about how small business websites should be developed. With over a decade of experience in providing online marketing solutions, website design and development planning, Azhar Siddiqui and Adam Ostopowich noticed a big gap in the web services offered to small businesses. AGUA filled this gap by providing affordable and handcrafted website solutions and powerful online marketing services to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Azhar’s Computer Science Degree and Adam’s Major in Entrepreneurship perfectly positioned the team to refine many of the antiquated processes in an effort to help clients manage their website projects while minimizing costs. The result has been that AGUA has continued to build and maintain long term relationships with its clients.


AGUA’s Values

In order to succeed, we have to stay true to our values and help you grow. We believe in being honest, committed, reliable, creative, friendly and loving!


Long Term Friendships

You become part of a long term family where our businesses can grow and flourish together. We want to help you and you have a lot to teach us as well.


AGUA’s Mission

AGUA works to demonstrate the passion and ingenuity of our small business clients and assist in delivering your products & services to the world.

Our Team

Driven by Azhar and Adam’s experience and passion for providing cost-effective web solutions and marketing services, we have developed a team of Calgary based project managers, and designers and developers from across the globe. Our web services aren’t just limited to our offices, we reach out and collaborate with other web businesses in Canada to ensure others too can take advantage of our process, talent and pricing.

We are in a constant state of learning and evolving our business processes as the Internet grows and evolves. Besides, we are also learning from our projects within different industries so that we can always refine our processes and deliver more effective solutions to our clients. It is also worth noting here that we have already helped over 500 businesses in Calgary achieve their online business goals.

Part of our success comes from remaining updated with the latest developments in web technologies. This is another important factor that has helped us and our clients stay ahead of our respective competition.

chamber-of-commerceAGUA is a proud member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce!
Azhar Siddiqui Founder

Computer Science Degree
University of Minnesota
at Moorhead

As a consultant and internet marketing specialist, Azhar has over ten years of experience in helping small businesses recognize their full potential in an online market. Azhar is committed to entrepreneurial excellence for all Calgary businesses, as well as helping to develop a dynamic online presence for all clients. Azhar regularly contributes to Agua’s blog, which provides solutions for many common issues that small businesses face. Azhar is passionate about empowering organizations to grow and evolving into successful online businesses.

Adam Ostopowich Founder

BCOMM – Major in Entrepreneurship
of Calgary

Adam has over ten years of experience in helping small businesses increase their sales potential and customer reach. Specializing in social media marketing and search engine optimization, Adam has a passion for developing a successful online business campaign for all of his clients. A true entrepreneur, Adam wants to pass on his knowledge of the online market to you, as your success equal his success. With a strong background in business information and a vast timeline of experience, Adam is committed to providing outstanding levels of customer service and marketing.

Top 5 Questions Our Clients Want to Know About us!
Why should I work with your company?

AFirst and foremost, we are focused on the needs of our clients. The only time we place importance on maximizing profits or generating revenue is when we are doing it for your business. We offer flat rate packages, so no matter how long it takes to complete a project, you will always pay the same flat rate. We offer scalable websites and marketing campaigns that grow with your business.

What does the process look like for your services?

No matter what service you opt to use, you will have direct contact with your salesperson, who becomes your project manager. We like to hold our managers accountable for your satisfaction, and find that our clients are more comfortable knowing whom they can contact. The process for all our services is simple and keeps you in control from beginning to end. You start with an online questionnaire about your business needs, and we get to work on your project immediately. Communication with our clients is key to our process, as is receiving your feedback.

What if I don’t like the designs that you come up with?

You can easily communicate one on one with your project manager, who will be open to receiving your feedback at any stage of the process. We are committed to your satisfaction, and won’t stop working until you get exactly what you want. No matter how long it takes, you will never be charged for anything extra.

Why do I need to market online?

Advertising on the internet is not only one of the most affordable marketing solutions available, it’s also one of the best ways to increase your visibility in an increasingly competitive market. Traditional advertising methods are expensive and often ineffective, and it’s time to cash in on the millions of users surfing the web every day. Online marketing is traceable, scalable, and targetable, which ensures you are reaching the right people for the right amount of money.

Are you a full service web agency?

Yes! Anything and everything that our clients need online, we are happy to service. From the very beginning, we will help your business develop a quality logo design and determine a brand, and we will walk you through each stage until you are your own version of an online mogul. We strive to simplify the world of online business for our clients, and allows them to defer to only one company.

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