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AGUA Web communicates the passion of your brand and business through the delivery of a handcrafted website. We put the personal touch back into digital brand communication.

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Is Your Current Digital Footprint Handcrafted? Well, it should be. But, if it isn't, now is the time to allow AGUA Web to create something new and exciting that reflects the personal touch of your business. Our three essential web design, logo design and digital marketing offerings include the following:

Logo Design

Delivering a handcrafted logo that evokes the sentiment of your business is our primary goal. Our team works tirelessly to create a first impression that converts into customers.

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Website Design

The AGUA Web Calgary web design team returns to basics with handcrafted, custom website design that captures the unique selling proposition of your business and creates a functional lead generator.

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Search Engine Optimization

Website optimization is essential to rank at the top of search engines. White hat optimization will organically increase traffic with high quality content, strong coding, and appropriate keyword inclusion.

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A Web Design Firm That Cares About Your Growth

Is your Calgary business suffering from an identity crisis? Is your brick and mortar identity consistent with your digital identity? Communicating a solid branding concept that is well received and understood by prospective clients is an age old concept. What is new is that businesses must communicate their branding and offerings through a digital medium. Founded in 2008 by two qualified and experienced web services professionals who saw a need for handcrafted Calgary website design geared towards small business, AGUA Web is uniquely positioned to fit the needs and budgets of Calgary small businesses.

How can businesses deliver an authoritative and consistent message that attracts customers without personal contact? AGUA Web’s handcrafted websites deliver a personal touch and feel to prospective customers through a digital medium. The personal touch converts into increased traffic and sales solutions. Handcrafted website design in calgary effectively identify and solidify the message that represents your brand and delivers it to viewers with a personal touch, much like a face to face business lunch.

Building relationships is essential to Calgary business growth. AGUA Web is committed to developing a personal relationship with you-our customer, in order to help you develop personal relationships with your customers. Our custom website design work that offers unlimited design based revisions. Our strategy is simple- we deliver the features that you expect from your business website within a quick time frame and for a reasonable price.

Everyone has heard the old adage that, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And, as cliche as it may sound, it is true. Your website is the first impression for your business and the visual message that it conveys is lasting. The art of Calgary web design consists of designing and programming websites but it also includes our commitment to continuing education of the future of web design. Our responsive designs react to multiple mobile devices and we apply cutting edge technology to each project, while maintaining a personal feel.

Picture your handcrafted, well designed masterpiece of a website perched upon a lonely branch within the world wide web. The reality is that even the most beautiful, convincing, and well crafted site is useless if it is not discoverable. How your prospective customers perceive your site is important, but without a positive response from search engines, those customers may never discover your website.

Our dedicated project managers take responsibility all aspects of the project from start to finish. Our handcrafted sites are scalable, as well, meaning that we will grow your website as your business grows, maintaining the same branding and business identity.

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