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Website Design Company Calgary

Complete business solutions including logo design, website design and marketing will give you an edge over the competition.
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I think using AGUA gets you much more than your moneys worth. I did some shopping around and it's amazing how much more you can spend (up to 10x more). Their product is very economical and dealing with Adam made the process easy, fun and stress-free. AGUA was prompt in getting back to us with our requested changes and somehow their team had an understanding of what I wanted when I didn't know the technical terms behind it. Also, we are so happy that we spent the extra money on their Content Management System (CMS). It is so easy to use!

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Professional Website Design Services in Calgary

Agua is dedicated to delivering high quality web services to all clients. Our services are tailored to fit your business goals and focus on helping your brand grow. Offering website design, custom logo design, SEO evaluations and marketing services, we strive to be the go to firm for Calgary small businesses and entrepreneurs. our project manager will work with you exclusively to achieve amazing results, and help your business succeed in the online market.

Website Designer vs Website Design Firm

When it’s time to hire someone, you have two main options.

1) Hire a freelancer or 2) Employ a firm

Your decision is usually a balance between quality and price. Clients with smaller budgets usually tend to work with freelancers. The risk here is usually longer running timeline and quality of website. Your freelancer may be a good designer but for a successful website project execution you need marketing, coding and server side skills. One person may be great at one or two things but never at all that is required. A design company will usually have all the required skills under one roof but prices usually start from $5000+ for basic service. AGUA is here to provide you with all the skills required to deliver a high performing website while delivering prices in line with most freelancers.

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